Continuing Education and Training Instructor Handbook

As a member of our Continuing Education teaching faculty, we want to be sure that all of your teaching needs are met. Included in this abbreviated Continuing Education Instructor Handbook is information that will assist you.

Class Rosters, Attendance Sheets, and Completion Requirements
Rosters and attendance sheets will be given to instructors prior to the start of class. If there is a student in the class whose name does not appear on the roster, record that individual’s name, address, phone number and Harford student identification number and give this information to your Director/Coordinator within 24 hours. Attendance sheets must be signed by each student and then must be initialed by the student each time the class meets. Rosters and attendance sheets must be returned to the College within seven days of the completion of the class or as indicated by program requirements. Successful completion requires a minimum of 70% attendance in class and/or satisfaction of any other designated course requirements.

Class Schedule and Changes
All Continuing Education courses must meet the required number of hours in the schedule. Classes must start and end on time. If classes are officially canceled by the College (for example due to inclement weather), a make-up is required. Call your Director/Coordinator to coordinate the means by which time will be made up. Class schedules cannot be changed (location/meeting times) without prior approval of the Director/Coordinator. All students must be informed of changes.

Instructor Absences and Substitutions
Planned Absences - When you are aware of an impending absence, notify your Director/Coordinator as soon as possible. You may (a) contact students in the class and schedule a “make-up” or (b) request a substitute. Your Director/Coordinator must be informed of the date for any make-up to ensure room availability. If a substitute is hired, the rate of pay is equal to your rate of pay and your contract is adjusted. Substitutes may be qualified instructors that are recommended by you or the Director/Coordinator. Substitutes should not be engaged without the consent of the appropriate Director/Coordinator.
Emergency Absences - In the event of an emergency and you cannot meet the class, notify your Director/Coordinator or the department administrative specialist in the absence of the Director/Coordinator. Students must be notified and a make-up class should be scheduled if a substitute is unavailable.

Instructor Non-Compete Policy
If a student/client requests further education or training, the instructor is responsible for notifying Harford Community College of the training opportunity. View the entire Non-Compete Policy in the Instructor Handbook for Continuing Education

Instructor Standards of Conduct and Behavior
Any conduct that is illegal and/or interferes with operations, discredits the College, or is offensive to students, coworkers, and/or visitors will not be tolerated. The complete set of standards of conduct and behavior may be viewed in the Instructor Handbook for Continuing Education. Contact the Human Resources Office to obtain complete, current copy of the College's policies and procedures.

Registration Forms and Payment
In all classes other than contract training, students are responsible for returning registration forms with payment to the CET office.

Audio-Visual Equipment
All requests for audio-visual equipment should be scheduled through your department CET Associate. Requests should be submitted at least one week in advance. Should you require assistance with the use of the audio-visual equipment, please call the Help Line at 443-412-2477 or ext. 2477 from an HCC phone. TV/DVD/Projector remotes for equipment in Edgewood Hall are maintained at the front desk. You are required to sign out and return remotes.

Duplication of Class Handouts and Materials
All requests for duplication of class handouts and materials should be submitted at least one week before the class begins. The copiers in Edgewood Hall are NOT to be used for this purpose. If you have questions or concerns about class handouts/materials, please contact your Director/Coordinator.

Use of Computer/Internet in Classroom
If you will need access to the computer/internet in the classroom, please notify your Director/Coordinator at least one week prior to the start of the class so that you can be assigned a User ID and Password.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
FERPA protects the privacy of a student’s record or those records that are directly related to the student and maintained by the institution.  For College guidelines on what information can and cannot be shared without the written consent of the student, see

The College has specific procedures relating to students threatening harm, medical emergencies, students in distress, and disruptive students.  Please refer to the pocket-size training card you received.

For other emergencies, call the Office of Public Safety at 443-412-2272 or ext. 2272 from an HCC phone.  (If phone service is interrupted, call the Public Safety cell phone at 410-459-9517.)

Restrictions on Tobacco Use
The use of any type of tobacco product is prohibited in all buildings, areas of the campus, and off-campus sites supervised by the College.  Contact the College Life Office (443-412-2140) for more information on wellness assistance and smoking cessation classes.

Student Withdrawal and Refund Policy
When a student wishes to withdraw, he or she must complete a Drop/Add form at the CET office in Edgewood Hall or call 443-412-2376. If a student needs to return textbooks, he or she will need a copy of the Drop/Add form and a cash register receipt. (No marks in the textbooks are permitted.)

  • If a student withdraws prior to the first class meeting, the College will refund 100 percent of the Course fees and Material fees.
  • If a student withdraws before the second class meeting, the College will refund 50 percent of the Course fees. Material fees are not refunded.
  • If a student withdraws after the second class meeting, they will receive no refund.

College Closings
If the College announces it is closing due to inclement weather, all classes, both on and off campus, will be canceled. This applies even when a particular off-campus center has not announced it is closing.  Sometimes an off-campus center (such as APG or Harford County Public Schools) announces a closing. In such cases, HCC classes scheduled at that center will be canceled even if the College does not announce it is closing.

Call 443-412-2322 for up-to-date inclement weather announcements.


If you are teaching at one of our off-campus sites, such as Harford County Public Schools (HCPS), the following information may be helpful.

Emergencies:  For all medical, fire, and police emergencies at off-campus locations, call 911.  Inform your Director/Coordinator as soon as possible.  Your Director/Coordinator will contact the Office of Public Safety, and you will be required to complete an Incident Report.

Smoking Policies:  All public schools are smoke-free.  Students and instructors cannot smoke anywhere on school grounds.  Other off-campus sites may have similar smoking policies.  Your Director/Coordinator will inform you of such policies prior to the start of the class.

Additional closures vary from school to school.  Notification is made as soon as possible.

The College’s main number is 443-412-2000.  There is a Harford Community College house phone in each building on campus. These phones look like public phones but have the Harford Community College Seal posted above them. From these phones, you may reach the following:

Public Safety, Ext. 2272

College Store, Ext. 2209

Continuing Education and Training Division, Ext. 2376

Facilities Use - Conferences & Meetings, Ext. 2117

Food Services, Ext. 2216

Housekeeping (7 a.m. – 3 p.m.), Ext. 7183

Inclement Weather, Ext. 2322

Instructional Resources, Ext. 2256

Main Switchboard, Ext. 2000

Maintenance (7 a.m. – 3 p.m.), Ext. 2260

Test Center, Ext. 2352

(For maintenance and/or housekeeping during off hours, call Public Safety, Ext. 2272.)

Office HoursThe CET Division in Edgewood Hall is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. and Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

All Continuing Education Instructors are expected to uphold the Mission, Vision, and Values of the College.